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Online Crime


Phishing is the practice of sending fraudulent e-mail messages to addressees requesting them to supply confidential information. The message can be directed at a smaller number of targeted recipients, but is most often mass-mailed or "spammed" to thousands of potential victims. The e-mail is disguised to look like a request from a legitimate organization such as a thrift, a credit card company, or a retail merchant with which recipients may already have a business relationship. Often the message includes a warning regarding a problem related to the recipient's account and requests the recipient to respond by providing specific confidential information. The format of the e-mail typically includes proprietary logos and branding, a "From" line disguised to appear as if the message came from a legitimate sender, and a link to a website or a link to an e-mail address. All of these features are designed to assure the recipient that thee-mail is from a legitimate business source when in fact, the information submitted will be sent to the perpetrator.

Victims may be directed to provide personal account information by responding to the e-mail, or they may be directed to click on a link that takes them to a legitimate looking webpage containing a form on which they are instructed to provide the information. Typically, the information requested includes items such as account numbers, passwords, PINs, Social Security numbers or other personal identifying information that will allow the perpetrator to gain access to the victim's accounts, steal the victim's identity, sell the information to others seeking to do the same, or all of these.

Because email and telephone communications are not secure, Peoples Savings and Loan will never request any customer information by either email or telephone. If you receive any email or telephone solicitations for your Peoples' account information, please contact us as soon as possible.

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